Halloween Videos!

Here are some videos of our Halloween Songs!  Hope you enjoy!

Halloween Fun!

All the kids looked so cute all dressed up in their costumes.  The anticipation to the party was unbelievable.  The kids just couldn't wait!  I am so glad they had so much fun!

October Fun!


Sgt. Larson did a great job during his visit.  The kids had lots of fun questions about safety during this month of October.  One of our little students even remembered what he said about when you get lost.  She got lost while trick or treating and remembered that he told her to stay in one spot until someone finds you.  She was so proud that she remembered his rules.  A big thank you to Sgt. Larson for coming to our class. 

September Fun!

First Autum's Leaf Painting Party
Gotta love snack time!!

I can write my name!

We can too!

Play time is our Favorite time!

Best Buddies!

Princess Power!
Class Clown #1!
Class Clown #2!
I gotta tell all you moms and dads out there how awesome your kids are.  They all get along so great which makes my job really easy and really fun!  We have enjoyed learning about each other and ourselves.  We are excited to bring home our "All About Me" books that we have worked so hard on throughout the month. Keep up the good work mom and dad!  Your kids are awesome. 

First day of school 2011-2012

3 year old class

AM class

PM class

Class Pictures!

3 year old class

AM class

PM class
Special thanks to Veronica Ibarra for coming to take such cute pictures!  The kids did so good and all looked so pretty and handsome for our picture day!

Staheli Farm Field Trip

Pet Day!

Pet Day was very successful!  The kids loved seeing all the animals and for those who don't have real pets they loved showing their stuffed animals.  Thanks to all the moms and dads who made the effort to make this such a fun day for the kids.

The Easter Bunny visits our class!

AM class

PM class

Happy Easter!!!

Baking with Miss Melissa!  These 3 year old jkids just couldn't get any cuter.  Since school is starting to come to an end, I thought it would be fun to spend some time in the kitchen.  When I found this adorable bunny cupcake, I just couldn't resist.  The kids and I had such a great time making these fun treats.  Each kids was able to put an ingredient into the bowl and then have a turn stirring the batter.  They patiently waited for the cupcakes to cook and cool, then had a blast making their bunny.  What a great way to spend time with the kids!!!

Afternoon Class Library Field Trip