Afternoon Class Library Field Trip

Morning Class Library Field Trip

Our newest Arrival to the Lil' Dude Ranch

Over spring break our baby chicks arrived. I was so excited for the kids to come back to school to meet the newest addition to our class.  The kids loved them.  In fact a few of the kids could hardly leave their little cage.  For now we are able to keep the chicks in our preschool which has been REALLY fun for the kids.  These baby chicks came just in time for the month of April.  We will spend a lot of time talking about caring for animals as well as go on a field trip to Staheli Farm with the 4 year old classes. 
The chicks need to stay under a heat lamp to help them stay warm.
Say Cheese!

Mixing Colors!

Ah!  We are turning into the Incredible Hulk!
The kids had so much fun during our month of mixing colors.  Their favorite to mix was the yellow and blue.  The boys kept telling me that they were turing into the hulk.  Of course most of the girls had no idea what they were talking about, but is was fun to see them all use their imaginations.