PM Christmas Party

These kids had so much fun today!  During our snow ball fight, they were each others best cheerleaders.  You can see in some of the pictures how excited they were during this game.  We also played Pin the Nose on Rudolph and decorated our very own Christmas trees.  I am so grateful to be able to have these fun times with the kids!  Merry Christmas!  

AM Christmas Party

The kids had so much fun at our Christmas Party.  We played Pin
the Nose on Rudolph, had a snowball competition, and decorated
our very own Christmas Trees.  I hope everyone had a
Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman Morning Class

How lucky am I to get to teach these cute kids.  I love them all so much!  Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman Afternoon Class

Such cute kids and cute snowmen!  Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman 3 year old class

This is one of my most favorite days with the kids.  "Frosty the Snowman" is our theme and the kids have so much fun decorating their snowman and they turn out to be so cute!

3- year old Thanksgiving Celebration

These videos absolutely crack me up!  I hope you enjoy the craziness of your children!  Ha! Ha!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Afternoon class Thanksgiving Celebration

Morning Class Thanksgiving Celebration

Afternoon Halloween Party

I love this group of kids!  They are so full of character!

Morning Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone!  The kids sure did enjoy dressing up and getting to see everyones costume.  They are all so cute and fun! 

We love our Airplane!

Fall is here!

Yee Haw! Giddy Up Cowboy!

3 year old Water Day at Little Valley Park

Since our Staheli Farm visit didn't work out we went with plan B and headed on down to the Livestock show. This ended up being a great adventure. We went into the corrals where the pigs were and there were pigs everywhere. The kids loved brushing the pigs and getting to spray the water at them. We were also able to go over to see the sheep. The kids were a little freaked out when the sheep BAAED in their face. It was fun to watch the older kids interact with the preschoolers. They were all so helpful. Of course, the kids also loved playing on the play set and enjoyed our picnic lunch. Thanks so much to all the parents who came out to help volunteer for this field trip.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

The kids and I took a little field trip over to my neighbor's house during our Old McDonald Unit. We were able to talk about chickens and pet some pigs. The kids loved it. A big thanks to my neighbor for letting us come over!

3 Year old Easter Party

Afternoon Easter Party

AM Easter Party

Last year my kids and I made these awesome cupcakes.  The kids had so much fun putting theirs together.  Some could wait to show mom and dad but for those who didn't get to see these cupcakes here are some cute pictures for you to look at. 

"Horton Hears a Who"

These cute little 3-year olds were able to finish up our Dr. Seuss unit by having a popcorn and movie party.  We enjoyed curling up with our blankets and pillows to watch "Horton Hears a Who".  Then we made "Horton" ears.  These kids are so fun and make this class AWESOME!

Library Field Trip

This was such a great field trip to take with the kids.  We were able to enjoy the storytime held in the library and then come outside and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.  I was able to get some of the children to sit still long enough to capture a picture or two.  A special thanks out to all the moms who came to keep watch on the kids. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Friday, March 2 was Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  The kids were excited to celebrate this special day with Cat and the Hat.  This month is going to be filled with fun Dr. Seuss activities, books, and movies for the kids.  We are so excited. 

Happy Valentines Day! (pm class)

Happy Valentines Day! (am class)

Happy Valentines Day! (3 year olds)