Color of the month song YELLOW

We are going to be learning our colors in sign language throughout the year.  Test your child to see if they know how to show you the color yellow with their hands.  The top movie is the morning class and the bottom video is the afternoon class.  Also, I think the setting on my camera is messed up and I don't know how to change it and didn't realize it until I was posting the video so I apologize now if it is not very clear.  Maybe when Landon comes home on Monday, he will be able to help me fix it.  The sound is great though and they sound so cute!

Morning Class First Days of School

mlarson0806's Morning Class First days of School 2013-2014 album on Photobucket
Some of these silly kids wanted to make silly faces! We had fun messing around for a bit and getting a bit more comfortable around Miss Melissa and the other kids. This is going to be a GREAT year!

Afternoon Class First Days of School

mlarson0806's Afternoon Class First days of school 2013-2014 album on Photobucket
Here are a few pictures of our first days of school.  The kids have been doing so good!  They get along great so hopefully they will become great friends and we will continue to have lots of fun!  Remember,  I will give you all photos I take during the year on a DVD at the end of the year so if you see a photo that you love, no worries, you will get it!